SkiShorties are Here!

If you have tried SkiShorties, why not tell everyone how your ride went!

4 Responses to “SkiShorties are Here!”

  1. Dave Curtis says:

    These SkiShorties are the greatest! Lots of fun!

  2. jhmnq says:

    …Glad to see you made it down from the top!

  3. Dave Curtis says:

    It was an exciting trip down. Really enjoyed it.

  4. jhmnq says:

    …Great for unlocking door when keys locked inside car…simply shove ski tip thru rubber gasket above rear door, pry a bit and add second ski tip and pry a bit more…dangle camera strap down to door lock, push strap over lock with long twig….slide camera strap down side of door and outward till it is tight over the lock…pull lock up! Works like a charm!

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